I am the national wholesale distributor of an exclusive jewelry line. For the past several years I’ve been using Office Angels for a variety of marketing and sales projects, including a redesign of my website and site updates, press releases, email blasts, a brochure, and a large and rush mail campaign promoting my appearance at a major trade show. I also recently had an Angel help staff my booth at a show in Atlanta. All of the Angels have been extremely professional, talented, responsive, and easy to work with on a virtual basis. I have been extremely pleased with the support I’ve been getting from Office Angels and plan to continue using them. They’re one-stop shopping for key support needs.

Lori Gadola
Kelim Jewelry Design

About Our Angels

Our Angels represent a broad range of disciplines, skills and experience. From banking to business development, from accounting to healthcare management, from IT to graphic design—when you work with Office Angels you’re tapping into an impressive database of business professionals.

Positions We’ve Held

  • Administrative: Customer Service Representative, Office Manager, Administrative Assistant
  • Educational: Teacher, Adjunct Professor
  • Financial: Chief Financial Officer, Tax Auditor, Cost Accountant, Accountant, Fund Reserve Analyst, IRS Appeals Auditor, Oil & Gas Accountant, Certified Public Accountant, Tax Specialist, Financial Operations Developer
  • Human Resources: VP, Human Resources, Director Human Resources, HR Manager, Certified HR Professional, HR Process Assistant
  • Legal: Legal Secretary, Civil Fraud Coordinator, Contract Specialist, Compliance Officer
  • Management and Organization: President, Business Development Analyst, Executive Director, Management Consultant, Project Manager, Operations Manager, Program Manager, Field Operations Manager, Director, Conference Planner
  • Marketing, Advertising and Graphic Design: Publications Editor, Typographer, Graphic Designer, Editor, Desktop Publisher, Marketing Manager, Database Marketing Manager, Art Director, Pre-Press Production
  • Medical: Sr. Medical Economics Analyst, Manager of Medical Economics

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