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Covering All the Bases Dave Brookmire, President Corporate Performance Strategies

I am a small business owner providing management consulting services to mid-sized companies. I found Office Angels over a year ago and started with a contractor that provides me with weekly administrative, PR, social media and client presentation support. This individual has exceeded my expectations. In addition, when I needed a person to help me with a client survey, Office Angels was able to locate the right resource within days. Finally, I needed a bookkeeper and once again Office Angels located a highly competent resource for my needs. Essie’s customer service has been exceptional—she’s just a delight to work with. I highly recommend Office Angels to any small business owner that needs to supplement their team with capable, reliable and professional people.”

Work Less, Earn More Anita Paul, The Write Image

Not only has working with Office Angels had a positive impact on the operations of my business, it has helped the company’s image as well. Having help with scheduling appointments and managing my calendar saves me time and allows me to focus on revenue-generating activities. Now I’m not just a one-woman show. I have others on my team, specifically an assistant, to help with details. My theme this year is work less, earn more, play more. Having an Office Angel has helped me to do that. I’m able to keep more regular office hours and have some down time, enabling me to enjoy my personal life much more! As the owner of a company, you should be focused on revenue-generating activities and bring in help for administrative activities. Calling Office Angels means you don’t have to find the best people and interview them—Office Angels does all of that. Office Angels is great at working with clients to provide great people within your budget.

Financial Peace of Mind Kent Gregoire, Symphony Advantage, Inc.

Over the past six years, Symphony Advantage, Inc. (Orchestrating Business) has worked with a number of Office Angels to support our company, and the work that we do with our clients. Angels have helped us grow our business by taking care of the details that are necessary to keep our principals focused on our clients and delivering high value work.  Over the past ten months the direct contribution of Angels to Symphony has resulted in additional revenue of $300,000. Consistently, Office Angels has provided the right fit—the perfect match to meet our needs, when we need it. Jennifer handles my personal recordkeeping and bookkeeping and does a great job. On a quarterly basis and when it’s time for end-of-year, she reports on, gathers, and assembles all the necessary financial information and third party documents and sends everything to the CPA to complete my personal and our company’s corporate tax return. Jennifer provides me with tremendous peace-of-mind.

Out of the Weeds Jackie Sherman, The Jackie Sherman Group, Inc.

I called Office Angels when realized that I was always “in the weeds.” There were so many tasks I could do myself, but not as well or as quickly as someone who could completely focus on them. Being able to come “out of the weeds” allowed me to focus my time and effort on the things that I offer to my clients that are unique, the things that only I can do. With support from Office Angels, I’ve been able to handle more business in a period of time or handle it more easily than I would if I had to do it all myself. I’m a more sane and effective person. It take an Angel much less time – two to three times less – than it would take me to complete some tasks, resulting in less expense to my clients. The result is that we turn out a better quality product and I can focus on things that are of higher value. I’ve recommended Office Angels to many people over the years. When someone tells me that they have administrative or bookkeeping work, I send them to Office Angels. Office Angels does the vetting for me and when they send me someone, I know they’re going to be capable. I like that I don’t have to commit to a certain number of hours; the services really are as-needed. I might need four hours one month and 20 hours the next. My work doesn’t show up with that sort of regularity.

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