Angel Testimonials


I was a busy stay-at-home mom and doing part time work as a substitute teacher. While I loved being in the classroom, I really missed the office environment. As an Office Angel I’m working 10 to 15 hours a week as a customer service manager for Great South Benefits Group, an employee benefits agency. My area of expertise is providing excellent customer service support for our clients, scheduling appointments, managing the processing of troubled claims, and managing their CRM database.

Hal, my client, and I have developed a very amenable, respectful working relationship. We hold weekly Zoom meetings along with the firm’s owner. We call/text as needed. I save database work for evenings. I never know what my day is going to bring when I open my Inbox, and I love that! I get the opportunity to utilize my skills and I get to help others.

Becoming an Office Angel has allowed me to be part of the business world and still be able to take care of my family. It truly has given me the gift of balance between work and personal life. It has been one of the best decisions I have made.


I have been an Office Angel since early 2018. With over 23 years of experience in roles including Controller, Practice Leader, Revenue Manager, and Senior Accountant, combined with my proficiencies in implementations, conversions, and full-cycle accounting in general, I am able to provide specialty services and on-going support to a range of clients in varied industries as an Office Angel.

While I do operate my own boutique accounting and administrative services firm, the connections I have made through Office Angels have significantly extended my service array.

Relationships established through Office Angels have provided me exposure to clients I likely would never have found on my own.

Beyond exposure, these relationships have been enriching on both a personal and professional level. Additionally, working as an Angel has relieved a great deal of my marketing burden, enabling me to maintain my focus on providing service rather than finding clients.

With most of modern business being conducted from the safety of our own homes these days, I am thankful more than ever to be an Office Angel. When I am not consolidating financials, leading a Zoom QuickBooks Online training session, or analyzing budget-to-actuals, you can find me online in a Sphynx cats social group, in the kitchen trying out a new stir-fry recipe, or just spending quiet time at home with the family.


I specialize in digital marketing and social media. While I loved my career in aquatics, hospitality and fitness management, I was maxed out, especially when I became a parent.

In my free time I enjoyed social media and created a group to connect local moms. It became a full-blown business with a mass following. Then, when I became an Office Angel, I was able to turn my passion into a career. Part of what I do is help clients communicate with their target audience through social media marketing. For those who don’t love using social media but see the value in it, I provide full content creation and platform maintenance.

Becoming an Angel has also allowed me to pursue a second degree in Communication from Georgia State University. Now I can do work I love without stressing over contracts, billing, or the less glamorous parts of client negotiations. I am free to choose my projects, clients, and set my hours and still have an income. Becoming an Office Angels is allowing me to create beautiful memories with my family and pursue a career I am passionate about. It’s the best decision I ever made!


I joined Office Angels after a 17-year career in sales with a Fortune 500 multinational food and beverage company. My husband had been transferred to Atlanta, and having just had my second child, I didn’t want to work full time anymore. After a while, however, I got bored, and a friend suggested I check out Office Angels. Well, the rest is history.

Given my degree in marketing and business administration and my sales experience, I knew how to develop business leads and prepare presentations, so it was an easy stretch to focus on speaker services.

I love working with our clients, customizing our services to meet their individual needs. I love the fact that each project is unique, whether it be conducting research to find speaking opportunities, securing engagements, helping to prepare materials and even the actual presentation, conducting follow-up, or providing full support.
I love being able to work out of my home and being there for my kids when they get home from school. Even though my client base has grown incrementally I am still in charge of my schedule. I love the flexibility—it’s the best of both worlds.


I started with Office Angels about eight years ago when I was ready to leave the full-time workforce. While I have a Masters in Depth Psychology, I love learning new technologies and have honed my communications, marketing, and administrative skills. I am currently doing podcast editing, graphic and web design, and social media work. Office Angels makes it so easy for me — I can work from home and no longer have to look for work, plus the client-Angel match-making is superb. I truly appreciate the diverse and interesting opportunities afforded me through Office Angels.


I found Office Angels about 12 years ago through a colleague. I was a stay-at-home mom doing part-time work on the side, but that didn’t give me the flexibility I needed to attend to my busy family life. Now, I can control my schedule. I currently have seven clients on both a project and ongoing basis for whom I do marketing, social media, website updates, research, and administrative tasks. I also help them implement technology that meets their needs. I work with them to be sure their expectations are met by assessing the time requirements for each assignment and keeping a calendar of deadlines and priorities. One of the many benefits of being an Office Angel is that I can call upon other Angels to handle tasks that are outside my expertise. It’s a great organization and I truly enjoy the variety of interesting clients and opportunities it provides me.


My last full-time role was as a Field Marketing Manager for a restaurant and family entertainment franchisor. When my position was eliminated, I transitioned the work to my own firm. I do digital and traditional marketing strategy and execution for various B2B and B2C clients. I was seeking supplemental income but still only wanted part-time employment in order to care for my child. When I found Office Angels five years ago, it was the perfect fit because I am offered roles that are a good match for my qualifications and schedule but that also enhance my career, plus it’s a very supportive working relationship. I truly appreciate that working through Office Angels makes it possible for me to meet my son at the school bus and help with homework every day.


I had been a public health analyst under contract with the Centers for Disease Control. When the division I supported was dissolved and I was laid off, I took some time to assess my next career move. I was burned out from the long days and long commute and wanted more time with my kids. I currently have four Office Angels clients with whom I’ve developed strong, trusting relationships. I thoroughly enjoy applying my experience and skills to help them with a wide range of support, including writing standard operation procedures, PR and marketing support, and helping streamline their operations. Working part time, I can be there for my 9- and 3-year old boys, participate in several community and civic organizations, and pursue professional development courses. Being an Office Angel is very empowering. I no longer feel the pressure to choose between my family and my career. I can set my own boundaries and remain professionally active. It’s fantastic.


I am a human resources and project management professional. Previously, I owned an HR business for 16 years. As director and manager for my clients, my role covered the full lifecycle of HR services, from staffing/recruiting, vetting, onboarding, designing and conducting performance evaluations, succession planning, benefits administration, employment law compliance, exit processing, creating and revising policies and procedures, developing user guides and conducting employee training, establishing processes for record retention and maintaining personnel records, and ensuring compliance with employment laws.

I traveled extensively, from Washington, DC to Texas and spent weeks at a time onsite with clients. When my mother became ill, I spent time with her as a caregiver, during which time I consulted with local clients near her. After her death, I closed my business and became an independent HR consultant and was referred to Office Angels by a mutual colleague. Currently, I provide consulting services to three local small businesses through Office Angels for whom I provide staffing, recruiting, employee relations, counseling to the business owners and other HR support, along with office administration and record retention. I typically meet with a client once or twice a week and perform most of the work virtually. My commitment to the client is to operate with integrity, be proactive, and to collaborate with staff and management to obtain quality results.

I truly appreciated the flexibility offered to me as an Office Angel. I’m grateful for the new opportunities to continue using my knowledge and experience. I welcome the opportunity to build alliances with other organizations that need input from a knowledgeable human resource professional and project management consultant.


I’ve been an Office Angel since November, 2015, and it’s the perfect fit for me. Although I had occasionally taken on some contract projects while working full time, when I decided to go out on my own, Essie was the first person I contacted. In short order she was matching me with business owners.

I like changing environments and learning about new markets. So, working on different projects as a consultant or contractor provides the variety of work and people that suits me. I love technology and leveraging it to make a positive difference for a company. I specialize in online marketing, social media, marketing automation, project management, e-commerce, WordPress, copywriting, and CRM administration. I love helping my clients figure things out and succeed. And working from home and owning my schedule is fabulous. In addition, my two cats, Bailey and Zachary, allow me to use my sunroom as my office, even though they definitely consider it their space.

Working through Office Angels is so beneficial because I enjoy a steady stream of interesting and diversified project assignments for wonderful small business owners. This is the best experience I have had working as a contractor and I am fully confident that I will stay gainfully employed this way.


I became an Office Angel in 2013 after retiring from a career as an accountant for various healthcare companies, including 10 years as a chief financial officer. I function as full charge bookkeeper and general accountant on a virtual or on-site basis. Office Angels has allowed me to get closer to my dream of working for myself, on my terms. I truly enjoy continuing to use my MBA and broad experience to help my clients with their diverse business needs. As an Office Angel I also benefit from my association with a company that has an excellent reputation. Our clients expect great service and I like contributing towards further strengthening our reputation. I have found that being an Office Angel is much better than striking it out on my own.


I have been an Office Angel since 2008. I truly enjoy using my marketing, bookkeeping, translation, and administrative skills and experience. I had been a stay-at-home mom but when I became a single mom I needed a flexible work schedule. I have been averaging about 15 to 20 hours a week and have developed several long-term client relationships. Being able to use my diverse business skills and knowing that I am making a difference makes me feel so good about myself. Most importantly, I love having the flexibility to be home for my son when school gets out and being able to take him to baseball, karate and his extracurricular activities. Office Angels has truly been a blessing in my life.


I specialize in creative document design and layout. I came to Office Angels after my previous company changed management. I knew I would be unhappy in a much larger organization so I left to strike out on my own. Essie helped me establish myself as a freelancer and started funneling clients my way. I enjoy working with the diverse and interesting clients I have met through Office Angels, and the fact that I can work on my own terms. Since I work remotely, I can work from anywhere, so I have the freedom to travel and visit my four daughters and still make a living. I also very much appreciate the fact that Office Angels takes some of the marketing burden off my shoulders and also handles client billing. Working as an Office Angel has greatly enhanced my success as a freelancer. I’ve been able to expand my business opportunities with the support and coordination that Essie provides. I’m very glad to be an Office Angel!


I became an Office Angel after retiring from 40 years as a communications professional working a variety of fields, including grant writing, advertising, and environmental protection. I wanted to keep my skills honed and earn a bit extra to augment my retirement savings. Office Angels has provided me with consistently challenging and interesting project work. I have always enjoyed learning and the variety of clients and assignments ensures that I’m never bored. I also love the flexibility of working remotely and the ability to structure my workload to fit my schedule.