I have had the pleasure of working with two Office Angels this year as I have served as Communications Director for the International Coach Federation, Georgia Chapter. I have nothing but good things to say about my experience. The Angels are experienced and get things done well, with limited oversight. They are very professional and responsive and it has been a pleasure working with them.

Ridgeline Coaching

Office Angels uniquely positions me for greater success each and every time I enroll them. As an entrepreneur, I rely on Office Angels to make my business impactful, meaningful and sustainable.

Cherrie L. Davis

I am President and CEO of Davis Consulting Solutions. We are a management consulting and community economic development firm providing diverse business and workforce solutions. I realized that I was missing many opportunities because I could not keep up with my email. Anitra Deen and Office Angels helped me get my office life together. I was functioning with five different email addresses and had approximately 20,000 messages in my inboxes. Anitra worked with me to create an infrastructure to electronically file and organize my email. She created various rules and templates that I can customize so that I don’t have to create messages from scratch. I am now able to quickly respond to inquiries and efficiently find and prioritize messages. We started working together in May 2021, primarily through Zoom. Anitra also created some Standard Operating Procedures and will be training my staff to maintain our wonderful new email management system. Anitra has been excellent about following up with me and keeping me on track —her personality is contagious. I am definitely grateful to have found her and Office Angels.

Danielle Davis, Ph.D.
Training and Development Consultant
Davis Consulting Solutions

As a long-time client of Office Angels, I have come to rely on a number of their services in the operation of my consulting business. Their marketing services are exceptional — particularly in the area of design, material content, and website management. I have been extremely pleased with their work and recommend Office Angels without hesitation.

Lisa Burkard, Managing Director
Spectrum Group Consulting Services, LLC.

I wasted at least 20 hours trying to learn QuickBooks and was reluctant to call Essie because I assumed it would be so expensive. I was amazed to learn how affordable Office Angels is. My bookkeeper, Cynthia, has gone from one hour a month to two, but it’s the best money I’ve spent. Another Angel, Anita, helped me with LinkedIn and Debbie has provided excellent graphic design support. And now Karla is handling public relations, my monthly newsletter, webinars, and social media. She also expertly handled all aspects of my book launch. Each Angel is so good at managing their specialty area. In the future I intend to engage an Angel for public speaking support. My Office Angel team is the best and I have no fixed overhead costs. 

Heather Rogers, Simply Organized

I am the national wholesale distributor of several exclusive jewelry lines. I’ve been using Office Angels for a variety of marketing and sales projects, including a redesign of my website, press releases, email blasts, brochure and website content updates, and a large and rush mail campaign promoting my appearance at a major trade show. I also recently had an Angel help staff my booth at a show in Atlanta. All of the Angels who have worked for me have been extremely professional, talented, responsive, and easy to work with on a virtual basis. I have been extremely pleased with the support I’ve been getting from Office Angels and plan to continue using them. They’re one-stop shopping for key support needs.

Lori Gadola, Link Design Accessories

I advise CEOs, Boards, and business owners. I was handling all of my administrative tasks and realized that I needed an assistant but had never used a virtual assistant before. In fact, I have only met Monique in person once; we work primarily by email. She’s working for me about 10 hours a month, managing my calendar, arranging meetings with clients and prospects, and organizing client events. Monique is very responsible, reliable, and professional. Having her support has made a big difference — I have much more productive time. I intend to continue this arrangement and recommend Office Angels.

Marc Borelli, CFA

I am very pleased with Office Angels. To start, Essie asked excellent qualifying questions to clarify my needs and submitted very qualified candidates for my consideration, one of whom was Sibyl. I had been looking for someone like her for a long time. She’s been providing me with administrative and marketing support as needed. She is experienced working with CEOs like myself and is adept at grasping new subject matter. She listens, asks good questions, clarifies expectations, and executes in a timely manner. I work with her through email, specifying my priorities and deadlines. She is incredibly responsive and efficient. I am getting optimal value and results with the support I’m getting from Sibyl and Office Angels. 

Paul Myles, CEO, BANC Financial Group, Inc.

The WBENC application process can be very tedious and seemed overwhelming. I travel a lot and having Debbie’s help was a life-saver. While I had all the information required, she organized it for me. She prepared a checklist of the documents I needed based on my business structure, made copies, prepared the submission, mailed the package to WBENC, and then followed up with them. It just wouldn’t have gotten done without Debbie’s support. I know my application is in process and I am confident that this certification will be beneficial.

Laura A. Davis 
Master Certified Coach, BCC, BMA
Chief People-Whisperer/Executive Leadership Coach

I’m a communication and leadership coach. About a year ago I finally realized that I couldn’t do everything myself. I heard good things about Office and soon found my ideal executive assistant. Monique has been helping set up and organize my office systems. She creates a social media calendar and manages my online presence. She keeps me on track to write and publish blogs, reaches out to podcast guests, manages bookings, and gets the bios and head shots. Monique is my right-hand person, sounding-board, and confidant. In fact, she’s my whole back office! She’s not only a hard worker and very dependable, but she’s also a lovely person and we’re learning from each other.

Stacie Speaker, CEO & Communication Expert
Stacie Speaker Coaching

I engaged Leontine through Office Angels when I needed to prepare an employee handbook to comply with Department of Labor requirements. Office Angels was quickly able to connect me with Leontine, who is an experienced HR specialist. She asked a lot of thought-provoking questions and soon she was preparing job descriptions, recruitment ads, reviewing resumes, vetting applicants, prioritizing those who met our criteria, and scheduling interviews. She also helped me with the onboarding process and developed performance evaluation procedures. Leontine has helped me focus on my personnel needs as well as establish groundwork for dealing with personnel issues. She often serves as a good sounding-board and advisor. While I currently have four employees, before Leontine we had a revolving door. Now, she helps when needed. For example, when someone on-boards, she reminds me to conduct the 30-day review. Leontine is very easy to work with and definitely keeps the business owner’s interests in mind. Working with Leontine and Office Angels has been a very good experience.

Dr. Ingie El-Khashab
Active Ankle & Foot Care Specialist

I am so grateful that I found you and your team. When I was getting started, it was hard to pay someone else to do work for me when I wasn’t making money. But I now understand the value of focusing my time on the things that I do well and letting go of other things.

M. Margaret O’Brien, CEBS, HIC
Health Insurance Counselor
Zentripy Global Insurance

Jessie has been very involved and engaged in my work on behalf of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), Georgia State Council. She has helped with registration for our large annual conference, handling publicity, name badges, payments, troubleshooting, etc. She also helped with onsite registration and was invaluable at the conference. She also helped convert our financial records to QuickBooks and helped get ready for tax preparation. Our organization has worked with other Office Angels in the past as well. The work flow is seasonal and so we don’t need year-round support. In addition, since our Board transitions periodically it is great to have consistent administrative support via Office Angels, who have served as keepers of institutional knowledge. We store our files virtually via Drop Box so it is easy for everyone to keep informed and access information.

Sally Roberts, SHRM-SCP
Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
Georgia State Council

We’re commercial real estate brokers specializing in site selection for regional and national restaurant and retail chains and the sale of existing restaurant and retail businesses. We’ve been working with Office Angels for about a year. Essie quickly identified Stacy, who has previous real estate experience. She’s been helping us with competitive and demographic research, develops marketing materials and maps, and provides administrative support. She understands our needs and doesn’t require a lot of supervision. Most of her work is virtual; she attends occasional staff meetings and has been putting in 10 to 15 hours a week. We are very pleased with her work and plan to continue our relationship with Office Angels. It’s great to have this kind of as-needed support from a seasoned professional.

Harold V. Shumacher
The Shumacher Group, Inc.

I’m a busy architect juggling multiple projects and I needed someone to help me stay organized. Leontine has been tracking my projects and providing executive administrative and financial management support. She has a great sense of logic, is extremely proactive, and is upbeat and a pleasure to work with. She quickly learned my business and has tremendously facilitated our company’s operations. She’s averaging about six hours onsite weekly and provides additional support virtually. She has really streamlined my project management and I’ve come to rely on her quite a bit.

Peter Drey

Our very busy consulting practice specializes in leadership training, executive team development, and coaching. We’ve been relying on Office Angels for many years. Currently two Angels are supporting us. Kerry is our point person for outreach on speaking opportunities and also manages ongoing contacts with prospects. Karla is helping us think through our digital marketing. She’s great at organizing information, proactively suggests ideas and solutions, and has a great sense of humor. We highly value the support we get from Office Angels. Essie Escobedo helps us articulate our needs and finds a great match, not just in terms of skill set but also work style. She is absolutely the best.

Andrea Hopke
Principal, Clearwater Consulting Group

I am a small business owner providing management consulting services to mid-sized companies. I found Office Angels over a year ago and started with a contractor that provides me with weekly administrative, PR, social media and client presentation support. This individual has exceeded my expectations. In addition, when I needed a person to help me with a client survey, Office Angels was able to locate the right resource within days. Finally, I needed a bookkeeper and once again Office Angels located a highly competent resource for my needs. Essie’s customer service has been exceptional — she’s just a delight to work with. I highly recommend Office Angels to any small business owner that needs to supplement their team with capable, reliable and professional people.

Dave Brookmire, President
Corporate Performance Strategies

Not only has working with Office Angels had a positive impact on the operations of my business; it has also helped the company’s image as well. Having help with scheduling appointments and managing my calendar saves me time and allows me to focus on revenue-generating activities. Now I’m not just a one-woman show. My theme this year is work less, earn more, play more and having an Office Angel has helped me to do that. I’m able to keep more regular office hours and have some down time, enabling me to enjoy my personal life much more! As the owner of a company, you should be focused on revenue-generating activities and bring in help for administrative activities. Calling Office Angels means you don’t have to find the best people and interview them — Office Angels does all of that. Office Angels is great at working with clients to provide great people within your budget.

Anita Henderson
The Write Image

I called Office Angels when realized that I was always “in the weeds.” There were so many tasks I could do myself, but not as well or as quickly as someone who could completely focus on them. Being able to come “out of the weeds” allowed me to focus my time and effort on the things that I offer to my clients that are unique, the things that only I can do. With support from Office Angels, I’ve been able to handle more business in a period of time or handle it more easily than I would if I had to do it all myself. I’m a more sane and effective person. It take an Angel much less time – two to three times less – than it would take me to complete some tasks, resulting in less expense to my clients. The result is that we turn out a better quality product and I can focus on things that are of higher value. I’ve recommended Office Angels to many people over the years. When someone tells me that they have administrative or bookkeeping work, I send them to Office Angels. Office Angels does the vetting for me and when they send me someone, I know they’re going to be capable. I like that I don’t have to commit to a certain number of hours; the services really are as-needed. I might need four hours one month and 20 hours the next. My work doesn’t show up with that sort of regularity.

Jackie Sherman
The Jackie Sherman Group, Inc.

I see why you call your resources “Angels.” From the beginning, we had a match and the foundation for a long-term partnership. Running a consulting firm means that my focus is on providing first-rate services to our clients and identifying and pursuing new business. Our Angel helps to work through that list of tasks that I know need to be done but don’t have the time to do myself, and it’s good to see some those items finally checked off. From client research and prep work to editing final deliverables, I appreciate having professional resources available as I need them.

Michelle L. Matthews, President 
Matthews Consulting Group

As a former CFO for small companies, it’s not that I don’t know how to run a business. But the demands of my current role as a financial planner make finding the time to spend on my own business almost impossible. And frankly, I would be happy if I never had to do accounting work ever again. But the work is there and has to be done. My solution? Office Angels! After years of unsuccessfully trying to hire the “right fit” I turned to Office Angels who quickly found the perfect candidate…perfect for her experience, and almost as important, her temperament. It is a match made in heaven. I am just beginning to realize how far I can go with the right person to help me. Thanks Office Angels!

Bobbie D. Munroe, CFP® 
Fraser Financial

EnergyLink is an energy consulting firm. We broker electricity and natural gas contracts for Multifamily Owners and Operators. We’ve been working with two Angels — Michele and Kathy. They each work about 20 hours a week, providing data entry and billing support. They log into our network and prepare spreadsheets, perform analyses, and contact suppliers to research charges on bills. I trained both of them virtually and their productivity continues to increase. Previously, we attempted to get this support through various staffing agencies but the quality wasn’t there. Our industry is complex, and now, through Office Angels, we are getting the high quality and attention to detail that is required. The Angels have the flexibility to work on their own schedules and submit their timesheets with itemized detail on work performed each day. We check the quality of their work and so far it has been excellent. We will definitely look to Office Angels for additional support as our needs grow.

Darren Novich
The Energy Link

Parketing is a communications company specializing in digital signage in professional office spaces. Karla helped us find, set up, and populate an appropriate CRM. She got it functional, trained us to use it, and does ocassional updates. She’s now handling all of our social media. We are so impressed with Karla. She invested her time to learn about our industry and our company and comes up with great ideas. She’s a high-level thinker and pitches in on presentations. Essie did a great job listening to our needs and matched us with the right Angel from the start. The entire experience has been so beneficial to Parketing — we could not do our job without Karla and Office Angels.

Cassandra Qualls
Managing Partner, Operations
Parketing, LLC

I’m the owner of a virtual PR firm focusing on hospitality, travel, and consumer brands. As business started to grow I needed additional support and found Office Angels through my professional network. Over the past two years Monique has been handling a great deal of the day-to-day tasks, allowing me to focus on delivering our services. She usually puts in 10 to 20 hours a month doing invoicing, following up on client contracts, and maintaining and building our marketing materials library. She gathers client testimonials and prepares monthly activity and project reports. At the beginning we had a weekly call to go over upcoming work and deadlines, but we’re in such a good rhythm now that we touch base as needed by email. Monique is invaluable. She’s just as deadline driven as I am and treats every project and assignment with the same attention that I would. She’s also incredibly resourceful; she’ll do research for new projects and come back with case studies and examples that we can pull into our marketing efforts. I can’t put a price tag on her intuitive sense. I’ve been surprised and thrilled with how little time I spend managing her and how much more time she gives me to focus on my business.

Lauren Jarrell, Owner
LJ Communications

I’m the owner of a boutique consulting firm focusing on training & facilitation, project management, and stakeholder engagement. I’ve done about 50 events in 4 months and Maritza has been handling the administrative tasks, such as making travel and logistical arrangements, compiling evaluations, and managing event follow up. She’s very professional and gets things done on time. Having Maritza’s support to handle all the details when I have multiple events and multiple clients has given me the assurance that things will get done well and in a timely manner for my clients. I love the flexibility of being able to count on the same person who knows my business and who is available when I need her. Office Angels and Maritza have been invaluable to my business.

Rita Young
Rita Young & Associates, LLC