Works like a dream for the small business

Yep, there's an Angel for that!

Office Angel skill sets cover just about anything a small business needs.



Administrative Support

Calendar & Email Management

Word Processing & Data Entry

Project Management

Vendor Coordination

Operational Support

Travel Arrangements & Bookings



Boookkeeping & Accounting

Reconciliations & Financial Reporting

Sales Tax Reporting






Marketing & Social Media

Strategy Development & Execution

Content Writing, Posting & Monitoring

Blog/Newsletter Writing & Maintenance

Proposal Writing, Editing, Proofreading

Website Content Writing



Business Development & Sales

Business Development Support

CRM Creation & Management

Customer Follow-ups

Customer Surveys



HR Consulting

Recruiting, Vetting, Onboarding

Translation & Transcriptions

WBENC Certification

Performance Evaluations

A pleasure doing business

Every aspect of Office Angels services is designed to make it easy as possible for small business owners to get exactly the help they need. No chatbots or scrolling through hundreds of profiles. No commitments. No red tape. Just you, and us, getting to work on your business challenge!

Just Call

We have a real, troubleshooting conversation to get clear about your business situation.

We Make the Match

Your Angel Matchmaker makes the best custom Match. Your Office Angel calls you for the dedicated discovery.

Your Angel Gets to Work

Office Angels plug in fast. Fixing your problem, filling your need. No commitment. Use only as needed.

Let's see a chatbot do this

Just Call

The most productive call you’ll have this year.

First – we know small business like nobody’s business.

We ask the right questions.

We uncover your real pain points.

We help you figure out what help you really need.

We Make
the Match

We make amazing Matches.

We Match for chemistry, not just job skills.

You and your Angel have a one-on-one to make sure.

After 24 years, we have this Matchmaking thing down to a science.

About 9 times out of 10, it’s a perfect Match.

In the case it’s not, we swoop right in for a re-Match.

Your Angel
Gets to Work

Office Angels work like a dream.

Office Angels are a Higher level of virtual.

Most are experienced pros like you, but happy to play a supporting role.

They hit the ground running and can work mostly unsupervised.

Angel Flex allows you to get exactly the help you need.

No commitment. Use only what you need!

Real challenges and problems Office Angels are solving right now

My Angel manages my entire executive calendar, handles all appointment confirmations & follow-ups

Helped me create an email marketing campaign for prospective, new and existing clients and is executing it monthly

One Angel is doing my monthly bookkeeping and invoicing and one is writing my employee handbook

My Angel is helping me craft and prepare a presentation for a keynote address

I needed someone to create social media content and do all posting for me – achieved!

My business is transformed after my Angel researched CRM systems, implemented my choice and is now managing it daily

Every possible administrative task in the business that we don’t need to be involved in!

Before you hire, think Higher.

When you experience firsthand how efficiently a Higher quality of virtual can get the job done, you may realize you don’t actually need a full-time hire for that job.