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A small business revolution, made possible by a unique Virtual Services solution

Introducing The Agile Office, powered by Office Angels.

Agile Office: A dynamic and highly adaptable workplace where small businesses have total flexibility in their workforce, which enables solopreneurs and owners to flourish at what they do best.

In the modern small business world, one of the most problematic of old school ideas still persists: You have to wear all the hats until you can hire. Many solopreneurs and small business owners still take it as a truth that you have no alternative but to juggle all the functions and manage every aspect of your venture until you grow enough to afford a bigger team. Critical tasks falling through the cracks? Unprofessional gaps in customer service? Get by now, flourish later.

Problem is – later may not come, or an endless cycle of slow growth and burnout may settle in. Like it did for Jennifer H., after leaving a 27-year corporate career and launching her soft skills consulting business.

“When I started my own company, the problem was I was doing everything.” – Jennifer

Without the traditional corporate luxury of whole departments of support for every need – administrative, marketing, human resources and accounting – small business entrepreneurs like Jennifer get overwhelmed and frustrated wearing too many hats and doing it all.

But with lean budgets and limited bandwidth, solopreneurs and small businesses cannot just undertake a new hire for every function they need to offload. And while the current marketplace is full of virtual assistance options, few are specifically designed for the unique challenges of small business. It’s not just a matter of price. It’s about control.

For the small business owner, you never know what is coming any given day. Things change constantly, and you need the control to change budgets accordingly. Your terms, your budget — you set the limits.

That’s why, when Office Angels launched over 24 years ago, they created their unique “Angel Flex” pricing, with no commitment, no packages, total budget flexibility for solos and small biz owners.

“I had to offload. But where do I find someone I trust, who’s skilled, prioritizes my needs… and is reliable?!”

Trust is just as important as flexibility when it comes to small business owners taking the leap into the world of Virtual Services. To offload key business tasks that an owner has, albeit to their own overload, been handling personally, requires a level of trust not instilled by a typical virtual assistant. Hence the other unique aspect of Office Angels that serves small business so well: Angels are experienced Virtual Professionals, not your typical request-taking virtual assistant.

It goes, again, back to 2000, when talented, purpose-driven professionals of all types — executives, managers and juniors — were leaving the corporate grind in droves, looking for greener, more entrepreneurial pastures. The former executives and managers were bootstrapping it as solo consultants or starting up super-lean small businesses. The juniors — and in fact, many of the managers — were focusing on family, putting their careers on hold until the right situation came about to re-engage, priorities in order.

That’s how the Office Angels Win-Win business model was born, where small business owners get flexible, high quality Virtual Professionals that handle their needs efficiently. Office Angels get a flexible, highly rewarding career that allows them to prioritize their personal life and satisfy their professional identity.

“Once I saw the value and ROI of those Office Angel hours… I was off and running and on my way to creating my own Agile Office.”

Jennifer’s game-changing transformation to Agile Entrepreneur came when she experienced the Office Angels “value equation” firsthand.

Office Angels isn’t just about outsourcing tasks; it’s about empowering entrepreneurs to focus on what they do best while seamlessly integrating skilled Virtual Professionals into their workflow. Jennifer’s journey illustrates how embracing the Angel Flex way of operating her business allowed her to become an Agile Entrepreneur. She has reclaimed valuable time and resources to grow her business.

As the demand for flexible, qualified support increases, Office Angels is providing small business owners the tools they need to thrive in the Agile Office of today.

Small business deserves better

In a world where agility equals success, the small business entrepreneur deserves better—the most flexible Virtual Services solution designed explicitly for their needs is here. With Office Angels, getting Agile and building your own Agile Office has never been easier. Join Jennifer and all the other success stories and flourish in your own Agile Office!

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