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How a better Virtual Services solution was born.

“We are not consultants,” said Essie Escobedo back in 2002 when interviewed by a local newspaper. “We are Office Angels.” 22 years later, this innovative brand of Virtual Services is still a one-of-a-kind solution for small business owners.

Essie Escobedo founded Office Angels in 2000 when she was fresh off a successful sale of a large cosmetology school and four hair salons. Now she was at the helm of a new business, on a new mission: to help other business owners flourish, too. She had experienced firsthand the challenges of owning and operating a small business. She knew owners needed extra help but couldn’t just undertake a new hire for every need.

At the same time, she saw something big happening in the business world: Talented, purpose-driven professionals of all types—executives, managers and juniors—leaving big companies and the corporate grind in droves. Some were looking for greener, more entrepreneurial pastures, some for a way to stay at home and focus on their families while still earning a good living engaging their professional skills and talents. They both had something important in common: a desire for a very flexible, personal and professional work relationship that allowed both their life and business to flourish.

A revolutionary idea was sparked, and Office Angels was born, by bringing these two types of entrepreneurial professionals together—a perfect match that solves a big problem for growing a small business. Bookkeeping, virtual assistants, marketing, social media managers, human resources, graphic design and more!

Here is a reprint of the 2002 local Alpharetta Revue & News article that captured a portrait of Office Angels on the rise. Flashforward to 2024 and Office Angels is looking towards our 25th year in business as the most flexible Virtual Services solution a small business could ask for!

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